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Can content that is not recorded in 3D still be viewed on a 3D TV?

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Sony® 3D TVs are able to display standard definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) images in a standard 2D format or by using the simulated 3D function you can view normal (2D) images in a quasi-3D format.


  • The simulated 3D function converts video images created in 2D (such as personal contents recorded with a Handycam® digital video camera or Cyber-shot® digital still camera) into video images with a quasi 3D effect.
  • Some 2D video content may not be able to produce a 3D effect with the simulated 3D function.In this case turn off the 3D feature and watch the content in the 2D format.
  • The simulated 3D function is only able to provide a quasi conversion, and does not transform 2D images completely into 3D video images.