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How to charge the Reader™ Digital Book.

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Follow these guidelines when charging your Reader Digital Book:

  • If you charge via a USB connection and leave your Reader Digital Book connected to the computer to charge and the computer goes into sleep/hibernation, charging will stop and the red charge indicator on the Reader will turn off. If left connected, your battery may begin to discharge. To avoid this, turn off any sleep/hibernation settings while charging or set your sleep or hibernation settings to come on after your Reader Digital Book has been charged and then disconnect it from the computer once charging has completed.
  • If possible charge the Reader device using an AC Adapter (optional for some models). When using the AC adapter to charge your Reader device, depending on your model, you with either see a lightning bolt symbol that appears next to the battery icon [FIG. 1] or a battery icon with an arrow [FIG. 2] that appears in the lower-right corner of the display of your Reader device. This is an indication that it is connected to AC power and is charging the battery properly. If the symbol is not present, double check the AC Adapter to ensure that your Reader device is properly connected. This symbol does not appear while charging via a USB connection.
  • It will take approximately 4 hours to achieve a full charge with a computer. It will take approximately 2 hours to achieve a full charge with the optional AC Adapter.
  • If your Reader Digital Book is left connected to a powered USB hub while the computer is shut down, your battery may begin to discharge. Disconnect your Reader from the hub when the computer is not powered on.
  • Always verify that your Reader is fully charged by disconnecting it from the computer and checking the battery indicator. The battery indicator will display 4 black bars when it is fully charged
  • After charging your Reader device, if the Reader Library software is still open, you should use the eject button in the Reader Library software to safely eject your Reader device. If you already closed the Reader Library software, you should use the Safely Remove Hardware feature of the Windows® operating system .

NOTE: When storing the Reader for a long period of time, use the Device Shutdown feature in the Advanced settings menu. After using Device Shutdown, it may take approximately 30 seconds for the Reader to start the next time the Reader is turned on.