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How to set up port forwarding on a router.

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The following website may be helpful in setting up port forwarding on a router:

IMPORTANT: While Sony does not manufacture routers, we recognize that this is a question that may be asked by VAIO computer owners or owners of other Sony products that connect to and from a computer via a router. We provide the following information only as a courtesy to our customers and cannot support or guarantee the availability, accuracy or success regarding the information provided. We suggest you contact the manufacturer for complete customer support regarding your router.

NOTE: While this solution is specific to the port forwarding feature of the router, there may be additional setup screens for the router that you may find helpful.

  1. Open an Internet Browser window and visit the website.
  2. On that website, click the Router Screenshots link.
  3. On the Router Screenshots page, search for and click your router.
  4. On the page for your router, look for and click the screen shot for port forwarding.
  5. The screen shot will show you where you can find this page in your router and how to fill in the cells to successfully set up port forwarding for network devices that require that feature.