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Error: Cannot detect a drive to write to.

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This error message may appear when trying to burn video to a DVD if the Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software does not recognize the DVD burner in the computer. There are a few different possibilities that may cause this issue. Follow each of the steps below and check the optical drive after completing each step to try resolving this issue.

  1. Update PMB to the most current version.
  2. Uninstall or update any old Napster® software installed on the computer.

    NOTE: The issue can occur due to a conflict between the Sonic® CD/DVD writing engine used by PMB and the Napster driver. Older versions of the Napster software have been reported to cause this. Uninstalling the Napster software or updating it to the current version can resolve the conflict.

  3. Follow the instructions provided on the Microsoft® Support website at for the computer operating system you are using.