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Are there any shortcut keys that can be used on the remote control?

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NOTE:  This is a list of common short cut commands. Some commands may not work with your particular model of remote control. The MSGMR5U remote does not have an Alt key.

Keypad Remote Control Keys (Chrome)Shortcut Operation
Back buttonNavigate Back
CTRL + Up ArrowZoom in
CTRL + Down ArrowZoom out
CTRL + 0 (Zero)Resets zoom level to 100%
Ctrl + TNew Window
Ctrl + WClose window
Ctrl + FSearch for a word on a Web page (Find in page)
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + N
Ctrl + T
Open a new tab
Ctrl + L
Ctrl + K
Quick Search Box
Ctrl + DBookmark, share or add to Queue
Ctrl + W Close the current tab
Ctrl + R Reload Web page
Ctrl + ASelect all
Double-click Optical Finger Sensor (OFS) (or touch-pad for NSG-MR5U)Select a word on a Web page
Triple-click OFS (or touch-pad for NSG-MR5U) Select an entire line on a Web page
SCROLL + ZOOM, and OFS Select a range of text on a Web page
Drag & Drop / Grab
Fn + PgUp Page up
Fn + PgDn
Space Bar
Page down
Ctrl + Tab Change tabs
Keypad Remote Control Keys (TV)Shortcut Operation
Ctrl + Tab Last
ALT + Fast Forward Fast forward
ALT + RewindRewind
Ch/Page UpChannel Up
Ch/Page Down Channel Down
Tab Tab Recalls the previous channel
Menu + G Opens the TV guide
Menu + L Returns to live TV from DVR content
Menu + D Opens the DVR menu*
Menu + I Shows information for the current show
Ctrl + D Bookmark channel, share, or record program*
Keypad Remote Control Keys (Basic operation)Shortcut Operation
Ctrl + Alt + Backspace Restart
Alt + Tab
Long-hold HOME
displays recent Apps list
Ctrl + FN + Shift + (Ch+) to turn on
Ctrl + Fn + Shift + (Ch-) to turn off
Track pad tap click (Logitech)