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What types of Wi-Fi wireless networks can I connect to?

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This model of Reader digital book can connect to the following types of Wi-Fi® networks:

  • Your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Public Wi-Fi networks, such as at coffee shops, hotels, or libraries.


  • IEEE 802.11b
  • IEEE 802.11g


The following are the Encryption methods supported:

  • WEP (Open System)
  • WEP (Shared Key)
  • WPA2(TKIP)
  • WPA2(AES)


  • To connect to an access point, the SSID and encryption key may be required. For the necessary settings, consult the person who installed the access point. For the settings of the access point, refer to the operation guide of the access point, or consult the manufacturer of the access point.
  • For the necessary settings to connect to a Wi-Fi network, ask the administrator of the network (at school) or the public Internet access service provider.
  • The Reader digital book does not support security systems customized in some access points. For details, refer to the operations guide for the access point.
  • Set the WIRELESS switch to OFF where the network connection is restricted or prohibited, such as in a hospital or in an airplane.
  • Some public Wi-Fi services require log-in by using the [Browser] application.