Article ID : 00013282 / Last Modified : 03/29/2019

How to safely disconnect the Reader™ Digital Book from the computer after using it with the Reader Library software.

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WARNING: The Reader device should never be ejected under the following conditions or permanent damage to the Reader device may occur:


  • A data transfer is in progress
  • Your computer is accessing the Reader device or compatible memory card inserted in the Reader device.
  • A file in the Reader device or a compatible memory card in the Reader device is open.

If you are not transferring any data and would like to disconnect your Reader device, click the eject button in the Reader (eBook) Library software. The message on your Reader device will now be USB connected and you can safely remove the connection or continue to charge.

NOTE: If you have already closed the Reader Library software, you can use the Safely Remove Hardware feature of the Windows® operating system to disconnect your Reader device from the computer.