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Can a set-top box be connected to the TV using a coaxial cable?

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The coaxial input on the Internet TV is designed for a straight cable connection from the wall. The internal tuner is used to change the channels. For best picture quality and operation when using a set-top cable box or satellite receiver, use an HDMI® or component video cable for connecting to the Internet TV. The infrared (IR) blaster supplied with the Internet TV device can then be connected and used to control compatible set-top equipment with the keypad remote control.

Although the coaxial connection on the Internet TV is designed for a straight cable connection from the wall, it may still be possible to connect a cable box using a coaxial cable. During the initial setup procedure, select the I have over the air or other TV service option while the set-top box is turned on and connected. Afterwards, run the autoprogram function on the Internet TV device when prompted. When the autoprogram function is finished, the Internet TV device should show a picture from the set-top box.

IMPORTANT: If connecting a set-top box using the coaxial connection, the IR blaster cannot be used to control the set-top box. This connection method requires the set-top box remote control to be used for changing channels.

NOTE:  The coaxial connection from a set-top box only transmits a standard-definition (SD) signal. The picture quality will not be as good as a connection that supports a high-definition (HD) signal.