Article ID : 00013764 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

The Activate Enhanced Features icon does not appear in the menu.

    The following are common reasons why the Activate Enhanced Features icon will not appear in the menu:

    • The device has to be connected to an active high-speed Internet connection before the Activate Enhanced Feature icon will appear in the menu.
    • Certain models need to have the latest system software update downloaded and installed for the option to appear on the menu.

      NOTE: Once the device is connected to the Internet, updates can be downloaded from the Setup menu.

    • If the Activate Enhanced Feature icon is lost during an Internet outage, select the Refresh Internet option from the menu.
    • For some models, the Activate Enhanced Feature will not appear until the User Agreement is accepted after selecting the Internet Video option under the Network section of the menu.

    Troubleshooting and additional information:

    Click on the appropriate link below for steps on how to locate the registration code when registering your device on the Sony Essentials website and for additional information based on the issue you are experiencing.