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The microphone is not working with the Skype Internet video call feature.

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  • Not all TVs have Skype® Internet video call capabilities. To see if your Sony® TV has Internet capabilities, check the manual or specifications for the device. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • Each of the steps below represents a possible solution to this issue. Check if the microphone is working after completing each step.
  1. Make sure that either of the Sony cameras with microphone, model CMU-BR100 or CMU-BR200 (sold separately) is being used.
  2. Make sure the microphone is securely connected to the TV.
  3. Make sure the camera microphone is turned on.
  4. Make a call to Echo123 to check the microphone function.

The camera and microphone for Skype, CMU-BR100 and CMU-BR200 (sold separately), feature a feedback-canceling microphone that ensures clear, undistorted voice quality that is free of echo. Unlike using Skype on a computer, you do not need to put on a headset to hear conversations. Voice quality is crisp and clear though your TV speakers; Sony’s unique feedback canceling microphone ensures you are heard clearly without echo.


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  • Skype requires either the CMU-BR100 or CMU-BR200 camera, sold separately.
  • Use of Skype Apps is subject to Skype terms and Skype privacy policy .
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  • You cannot use Skype to call any emergency services number.
  • Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone services and cannot be used for emergency calling.