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Can 3D images be viewed on a TV or computer that does not support 3D?

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You can view the images in 2D on a TV or computer that does not support 3D if you connect the camera with an optional HDMI® cable.

You can view the images in 3D if your TV or computer with Internet access has the YouTube™ 3D Gallery and you have a red and blue anaglyph 3D glasses, which you can purchase from a local retailer or from the Google Store™ online store Web site.

Follow these steps to view images from the YouTube 3D Gallery on a TV or computer:

NOTE: For more information about the YouTube 3D Gallery, refer to the YouTube online help.

  1. Using your TV or computer, access the 3D content from the YouTube 3D Gallery.

    NOTE: A 3D recording from your camera will have to be uploaded to the YouTube 3D Gallery first.

  2. Put on your anaglyph 3D glasses.
  3. Press play to view the 3D content.