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Media Compatibility Information for the Direct Copy function

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Some Handycam® camcorders are equipped with a Direct Copy function that allows images to be saved to external media. To use Direct Copy, the media must meet the following requirements:

  • USB media that meets the USB 2.0 requirement
  • External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or USB memory under 2 TB (AC powered HDD is recommended.)
  • USB media formatted in the FAT32 file system. If the media is not formatted with FAT32, you can format it using the camcorder.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Formatting will erase all the data in the USB media.

For specific information about the Western Digital My DVR Expander (USB Edition) or My Passport™ AV media drive, visit the Western Digital website.


  • The VMC-UAM1 USB adapter cable is required for use with the Direct Copy function.
  • The camcorder needs to be connected to AC power when using Direct Copy.
  • Connection through a USB hub is not supported.

NOTE: There may be some cases when USB media is not compatible with Direct Copy even when all of the above requirements are met. Compatibility with all USB media cannot be guaranteed.