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How many sign-in or login IDs can be created and saved with the Skype service?

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IMPORTANT: Not all TVs and Blu-ray Disc® Players are supplied with the Skype™ service. To see if your TV or Blu-ray Disc Player has the Skype service, check the specifications or supplied operations guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

Currently, you can create and save up to five account login IDs. If you already have five accounts and want to add another account, you will automatically be informed that an existing log in must be deleted first.

The optional CMU-BR100 camera and microphone for the Skype service has a feedback-canceling feature that ensures clear, undistorted voice quality that is free of echo. Unlike using the Skype service on a computer, you do not need to put on a headset to hear conversations. Voice quality is crisp and clear through your TV speakers.


  • Content depend on the area and are subject to change and may require fees.
  • Use of the Skype service is subject to Skype terms of use and Skype privacy policy.
  • The Skype service is not a replacement for traditional telephone services and cannot be used for emergency calling.