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How to use more efficient search options in YouTube to achieve better results.

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Use these advanced YouTube® search techniques to help yield better search results:

  • Use quotes to force an exact match: This option can come in particularly handy when you are sure which exact phrases you want to be included into the search results. For example, the name of a movie or a music clip.

    Use quotes

  • Use the Plus (+) sign to include a word, or the Minus (-) sign to exclude a word in the results: If one of your words constantly gets dropped out from search results, using the Plus (+) sign to force that word to be included can improve results and save time. Similarly, using the Minus (-) sign to force the search to exclude any irrelevant but persistent words from the search results can also improve results and save time.

    Use Plus sign

  • Use In Title: to force a specific word or words to appear in the video title: This can be a very useful option if you keep getting irrelevant results, like video pages that only mention your search term in comments or loosely in the description.

    Use In Title