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How to register the tablet to a Google® account.

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Though not required, registering the tablet to a Google account is recommended in order to make the most of your tablet, including access to the Android Market. If you already have a Gmail account then you also have a Google account, but they are not quite the same. If you use a computer to create a Google account, you can use any valid email account. If you use this procedure to create a Google account then a Gmail account will also be created and used with that Google account.

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to complete this procedure, make sure the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network .

  1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
  2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps & Widgets icon. Image
  3. In the Apps & Widgets screen, tap the Settings icon. Image
  4. In the Settings screen, tap to select Accounts & sync.
  5. In the Accounts & sync screen, tap ADD ACCOUNT. Image
  6. At the Add an account prompt, tap to select Google. Image
  7. In the Add a Google Account screen, tap either the Existing or New, depending on whether or not you want to sign-in to an existing account or create a new one.
  8. If you selected Existing, use the on-screen keyboard to enter the email address and password associated with that account, and then tap the Sign in button.
  9. If you selected New, follow these steps to create a new Google Account:
    1. In the Your Name screen, use the on-screen keyboard to enter your first and last name, and then tap Next.
    2. In the Create email address screen, use the on-screen keyboard to enter the desired email address account name, and then tap Next.
    3. In the Create password screen, use the on-screen keyboard to enter a password (8 character minimum), confirm the password, and then tap Next.
    4. In the Recovery information screen, use the on-screen keyboard to enter a recovery email address, tap the down arrow to select the desired security question and the answer to that question, and then tap Next.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the account creation process.

Once you are signed in to your account you will be prompted to enter your credit card information to enable purchases at the Google Play Store. You can choose to enter the requested information and tap the Save button, or to enter the requested information at a later time by tapping the Skip button. Image