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Can a single frame of video be captured as a still picture on a computer without using video editing software?

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If you do not have software with the capabilities of capturing still frames from video, it is possible to use the method below.

  1. On the computer, begin playing the video using a compatible video player software.
  2. Maximize the size of the video to fit the entire screen of the computer monitor.

    NOTE:  Some video playback software may not allow video to be displayed full screen. Check the Help section of your video player software for information about screen size.

  3. In the video player software, click the Pause button to stop the video playback on the desired frame you want to capture.
  4. On the computer keyboard, press the Print Screen key.

    NOTE:  This makes a copy of the image displayed on the computer screen.

  5. Minimize the video player software.
  6. Open a drawing tool software, like Microsoft® Paint or other similar program.
  7. In the drawing tool software, click the Paste button.

    NOTE:  If you do not see a Paste button (normally located in the tool or menu bar at the top of the software window), right-click in the drawing tool software window and then click Paste from the menu that appears.

The video frame you just captured can now be saved as a still image file using the Save or Save As function of the drawing tool software.