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The Key Tone function will not turn off when using the Sound Bar system.

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If you have a Sony® Sound Bar Home Theater (HT) system connected to the AUDIO output on a TV using an optical cable and the TV has a Key Tone setting, you will not only hear the audio sound but you will also hear the Key Tone sounds from both the TV speakers and from the Sound Bar HT system.

NOTE:  The Key Tone setting determines if sound is heard for each press of a remote control key and is only on certain BRAVIA® television models.

You can turn off this function by doing the following:

  1. Using the supplied remote control, bring up the TV Menu.
  2. Choose Sound.
  3. Choose the Key Tone setting.
  4. Choose OFF.

NOTE:  The Key Tone setting will not work when using an external speaker system. The function will only work when using the internal speakers of a Television.

If you connect a Sound Bar HT system that has an Audio Return Channel (ARC) function to a Sony TV that also supports ARC, and then enable the BRAVIA® Sync function on both systems, the TV will automatically switch to external speakers instead of using the internal speakers under the Speakers setting. When this happens, the Key Tone setting will automatically turn off once the system switches to the audio system under the Sound setting on the television.