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How to initialize a voice or video chat session using the Google Talk application.

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IMPORTANT: Before attempting to complete this procedure, make sure the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network  and that the tablet has been registered to a Google® account .

  1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
  2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps & Widgets icon. Image
  3. In the Apps & Widgets screen, tap the Talk icon. Image
  4. In the Accounts screen, tap your Account Name to sign in. Image

    NOTE:  If you do not have a Google Account then create a Google account and register the tablet to that account . Once a Google Account has been created and the tablet is registered to that account, restart this procedure from the beginning.

  5. Below your own Google Account, tap the user account you want to chat with. Image
  6. Tap the appropriate icon to begin either a voice or video chat session:
    • To begin a voice chat session, tap the Microphone icon. Image
    • To begin a video chat session, tap the Camera icon. Image


    • Once either the Microphone or Camera icons have been tapped, the other user will be contacted and required to accept the chat invitation. Once they accept the invitation, the chat initialization is complete and the chat session will begin.
    • Any user account you want to video chat with must have a video icon next to their account name. This indicates that the user has a video camera or web cam and has the ability to initialize a video chat. Image