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Transfer Files from the SD Card to the Xperia Tablet

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Watch the video tutorial or follow the instructions provided below to transfer your files from the SD card to your Xperia™ tablet.

Before You Start

Make sure to use an SD card in FAT32 file system format.

Transfer Files to Your Tablet

  1. On the left outside edge of your tablet, open the USB SD card slot cover.
  2. Insert the SD card.
  3. On the desktop of your tablet, tap the Home icon icon.
  4. Tap the Apps Apps icon icon.
  5. Tap the File transfer File Transfer icon icon.
    • If the contents of the SD card doesn't display, tap the SD card SD card icon icon.
  6. On the File transfer screen, tap the checkbox for the folder you want to transfer.

    • If you want to transfer files within a folder, double-tap the preferred folder, and then tap the checkbox for the files you want to transfer.

  7. Under the Import to section, tap the Settings icon icon.

  8. On the Import Destination settings screen, tap to select your preferred destination folder, and then tap OK.

    • Auto sorting allows you to sort the files to folders according to their file types.
      • Picture files such as in .png format go to the Pictures folder while .mp3 files go to the Music folder.
    • Ask for destination folder allows you to choose a specific location within your tablet folder structure to transfer the files.
  9. Tap the blue arrow to begin the transfer process.

    • Your tablet displays Import Completed when the transfer process is finished.

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