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How to use the tablet cradle accessory.

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Using the cradle (SGPDS1, sold separately) lets you charge your tablet easily or hold it at an easy-to-read angle for hands free use. You can select and use most applications when your tablet is set in the cradle.

  1. Slide the foot of the cradle to its upper position. Image

    NOTE:  The upper position allows you easily to plug or unplug the AC adapter.

  2. Plug the AC adapter into the power cord connector on the bottom of the cradle. Image
  3. Plug the other end of the AC adapter into a working AC outlet (wall socket).
  4. Adjust the cradle to the desired position (either upper or lower). Image
  5. Align the charge connector of the tablet with the charge connector on the inside the upper slot of the cradle. Image

At this point you will see a Complete action using prompt, asking you if you would like to use any of the listed applications while the tablet is in the cradle. Image

You can tap to select any one of the listed options, or tap outside of the prompt area to display the desktop home screen.

NOTE:  If you would like the tablet to open with one of the listed options without being prompted every time, tap to select Use by default for this action, and then tap the desired option. Once that is done, the tablet will automatically open to that application whenever it is placed in the cradle. You can undo this default action selection at any time.