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How to change the application shortcuts on the Quick Launcher.

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In the top left of the desktop home screen, next to the Google Quick Search and Google Voice icons, you will see a set of four icons. This is the Quick Launcher, which is designed to give you quick access to the frequently used applications. By default, the Quick Launcher includes shortcuts to the Browser, Email, Remote Control and Reader applications. Follow this procedure to customize the application icons that appear on the Quick Launcher.

IMPORTANT: Before starting this procedure, create a shortcut icon on the Desktop for the application you want to put on the Quick Launcher.


  • There is space for up to four application shortcuts on the Quick Launcher. Since there are already four icons present, you will need to remove at least one of the existing shortcut icons if you wish to put a shortcut to a different application.
  • Since they are only shortcuts, removing an icon from either the Quick Launcher or the desktop does not remove the entire application, just the shortcut to that application.
  1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
  2. On the Quick Launcher, tap and hold the application icon you want to change.

    NOTE: The selected icon and the Quick Launcher area will change their appearance. Image

  3. Drag and drop the selected icon from the Quick Launcher to the desktop. Image

    NOTE: If desired you can completely remove the icon by dragging and dropping it onto the Remove icon.

  4. On the desktop, tap and hold the application icon that you want to appear on the Quick Launcher, drag that icon to the Quick Launcher and then release. Image
  5. The Quick Launcher will now include the new icon. Image