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What is Highlight Playback and how do I use it?

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The camcorder selects Highlight Playback scenes at random, puts them together, and plays them back as a digest of your high definition (HD) image quality movies and photos with music and visual effects. Highlight Playback can be saved as a scenario and played back repeatedly. Follow this procedure to create Highlight Playback and save it as a scenario.

  1. In the playback mode, tap < or < to select the desired event, then touch Highlight.

    NOTE: If the camcorder is equipped with the GPS function, Highlight Playback can be created from the Map View too.

  2. To change the settings for Highlight Playback, touch Highlight Setting, set the items as you want, then touch OK. If you want to change the settings after the playback of the digest starts, go to playback using the spanner icon at the left side of the LCD screen.
  3. If you want to share the Highlight Playback scenes, touch Save and Share on the LCD screen, then tap OK. HD quality movies will be converted to standard (STD) image quality automatically and saved. If you do not want to share the Highlight Playback scenes, either change Highlight Setting or create the digest again.


    • The movies originally recorded in high definition are still saved even after they are converted to standard definition.
    • Scenes for digest change everytime Highlight is touched.
    • The saved Highlight Playback scenes can be imported to the computer using the supplied Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software.
  4. To save the digest as a scenario, select playback using the spanner icon at the left side of the LCD screen while the digest is being played back from the previous procedure.
  5. Touch Scenario Save.