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How to setup and use the Skype for Android application for a video chat on the tablet.

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IMPORTANT: If you do not have the Skype application installed, visit the Google Play Store and install the free Skype for Android application.

The Skype™ for Android application contains support for video chat. Follow this procedure to enable the video chat option within the Skype application.

  1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
  2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps & Widgets icon. Image
  3. In the Apps & Widgets screen, tap the Skype icon. Image


    • If you are already signed in to your Skype or Microsoft account, you will also be able to open the Skype application by tapping the Skype icon located in the Notification area.
    • When you first sign in with either a Skype or Microsoft account, you will be asked if you want to enable Skype video calls and to tap Enable to certify your tablet for video calls. Image
    • If you did not select to Enable the video call option, but wish to do so now, follow the steps below.
  4. In the Skype screen, in the top right corner of the screen, tap the Options icon, and then tap Settings. Image
  5. In the Skype Settings screen, tap Voice and video calls. Image
  6. In the Voice and video calls screen, tap Enable video calling. Image

    NOTE:  In order to proceed with a video chat, you will need to have added at least one other user as a Skype contact, and that contact must also have the video chat options enabled on their device or computer.

  7. In the Skype screen, tap the Contacts icon. Image
  8. In the All contacts screen, tap the icon of the contact with which you wish to Video Chat. Image
  9. In the [Contact Name] screen, tap the Skype video call option. Image