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How to use the tablet to throw (send) media files from one DLNA® device to another.

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The tablet can be used to take media files from a DLNA server and then throw (send) those files to a different DNLA compatible player. To do this, follow this procedure.


  • Before proceeding, make sure that the initial DLNA setup procedure on the tablet has been completed.
  • Make sure that the DLNA feature has been configured in any other devices to which you may want to connect.
  • The DLNA Server, the devices you want to throw the media files to, and the tablet must all be on the same DNLA network.
  • If connecting to a computer, before attempting this procedure the computer must be set up as an active DLNA Server and the Media Player software must be started and the Allow remote control of my Player option must be enabled. Image
  • Content that is stored on a networked attached drive (NAS) cannot be thrown to another device. The content must first be added to the tablet internal storage and then thrown from that location.
  • The DLNA network may identify the tablet as an unknown device. If this happens, you may need to manually configure the DLNA server to Allow content to be shared with the unknown device (which is really the tablet). Image

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  1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
  2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  3. In the Apps screen, tap the DLNA icon. Image
  4. In the Select a server from the server list screen, tap the desired [Server name] icon. Image

    NOTE: If multiple servers are detected they will be listed across the top of the screen in the order they are detected.

  5. In the [Server name] Directory screen, tap the desired directory icon to open that directory. Image

    NOTE: In this example we will select the Music directory folder.

  6. In the [Directory name] screen, if there are sub-directory folders, tap the desired sub-directory icon to open that sub-directory. Image

    NOTE: In this example we will select the All Music sub-directory folder.

  7. In the [Sub-directory name] screen, tap and hold the media file you wish to throw. Image
  8. At the [Media file name] prompt, tap Throw. Image

    NOTE: As an alternative method, you can also tap to play the music file or view the picture or video file, and then tap the Throw icon. Image

  9. On the list of available DLNA players, tap the desired player device. Image
  10. The player device will start playing the file. Image