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How to charge the built-in battery of the Walkman® Player.

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The built-in battery is charged via a USB connection when the Walkman player is connected to a computer or when using an optional USB charging adapter. The OPR lamp indicates the charging status of the Walkman player according to the following:

  • While the built-in battery is being charged, the OPR lamp lights up in red.
  • Once the built-in battery is fully charged or stops charging, the OPR lamp turns off. The Walkman player will begin to consume battery power at this state.

NOTE:  The Walkman player will not charge and continue to consume battery power if it is connected to a computer that enters into power saving mode(e.g. Sleep mode, Hibernation mode).

Once the built-in battery is fully charged, please disconnect it from the computer or the USB charging adaptor.

NOTE:  Fully charge the battery if it is your first time using it, or if you have not used it for a long time.