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The camera operates slowly or displays a Processing message.

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The camera may display a Processing message if any of the following features are being used:

  • Long Exposure Noise Reduction (NR)
  • High ISO NR
  • Auto High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Picture Effects
  • Continuous Shooting
  • Movie mode

When any of these features are selected in the camera menu, a short duration may be required to properly record the data. During this time a Processing message displays. When using Long Exposure NR and High ISO NR , the camera reduces picture noise. When using Auto HDR , multiple frames are combined to expand the dynamic range of the picture. Even certain picture effects may require a combination of multiple frames and need a degree of processing. Continuous shooting and Movie mode also require additional processing time due to the amount of data these features use.

Another picture cannot be taken until processing is completed. These features can be turned off in the camera settings to allow faster shooting, but depending on your subject and shooting situation these features are very helpful for achieving great picture quality.

IMPORTANT: If necessary, refer to the instruction manual of the camera for model-specific information about turning off these features. Manuals are available online through the Manuals/Specs/Warranty link on this page.

NOTE:  In some circumstances, the card speed also can contribute to the Processing message being displayed.