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Cannot email a video or picture using the Bloggie Software.

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The Bloggie™ Software associates pictures and video for sharing on a server such as the PlayMemories Online™ service or other social media services. You cannot email pictures or video using the software. You can send pictures and video as attachments using your own personal email account.

To email video and pictures using your personal email, you will have to transfer them to a folder on the hard drive of your computer, then attach it to your email

NOTE: The procedure to attach and send pictures or video files through e-mail will vary slightly depending on whether you are using e-mail software or a Web-based e-mail account. For assistance using e-mail software (such as Microsoft® Outlook®, etc.) consult the Help files within the e-mail software, or contact the software manufacturer. For assistance using Web-based email such as Yahoo!® mail or Google® G-Mail, contact the e-mail service directly.