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How long can I record movies using the supplied NP-BN1 battery?

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The following is the approximate recording time when using the supplied NP-BN1 battery pack.

IMPORTANT: Battery performance varies depending on the ambient temperature. When the temperature is extremely low, the actual recording time may be shorter than what is indicated. In this case, it is recommended to put the battery in your pocket, etc. to warm it up, and insert it in the camera right before you start recording.

  • Continuous recording time: approximately 100 minutes
  • Practical recording time: approximately 50 minutes

    NOTE: Practical recording time is an estimate when you repeatedly start/stop recording, turn the power on/off, or zoom. Operations other than recording, such as playback, are not included. The actual recording time may be shorter.

The length and size of one movie is limited up to 29 minutes or 2 GB. If it reaches the limit, the recording will automatically stop. If you want to continue recording, press the shutter button again.