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How to export notes to a computer using the Reader for PC or Mac software.

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You can export all the notes that you have added to the bookmarks and highlights in a book or periodical issue.


  • To view the exported document, the computer must have software installed that can display the .RTF file format. To view the exported notes, computers using the Microsoft® Windows® operating system can use either Microsoft Word or Word pad, Apple® Macintosh® computers can display the notes using Pages.
  • Only a portion of your highlighted text will be added to the RTF document (100 characters). There is no limit on the number of characters your notes can have.
  1. Connect the Reader to the computer.
  2. On the computer, start the Reader software.
  3. In the source bar, click the Reader tab.
  4. Select the book that has the notes you would like to export.
  5. In the lower-left corner of the screen, click Image to copy the item to My Library.
  6. In the My Library section, double click the copied book to open it.
  7. Click on the Export button located in the lower right corner. Image
  8. In the Save notes as file window, select the file where you wish to save the notes.