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No sound or no picture appears when the network media player is being used with a TV and home audio system.

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Check the following if there is no sound and if pictures appear only when the player is connected to the TV and the TV is connected to a home audio receiver or home theater system. Image

  • Make sure that the HDMI® cable is connected securely.
  • Make sure the TV and audio system are set to the correct input.
  • Set the Audio (HDMI) setting on the player to PCM.
  • Make sure that the volume setting on the TV and the audio receiver are set to an appropriate level.
  • Make sure that the speaker output setting on the TV is set correctly.

    NOTE: Depending on the functionality of the TV, you may need to connect the player directly to the audio receiver or home theater system and then connect a video output cable from the audio device to the TV. Image