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How to remove the on-screen controls within Crash Bandicoot (or other tablet PlayStation® games) when using a PlayStation®3 (PS3) controller.

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IMPORTANT: Once the on-screen controls have been removed, a PS3 controller must be connected and used to navigate within the game.


  • Some games, such as Pinball Heroes, do not have on-screen controls.
  • This procedure uses the Crash Bandicoot game and will differ slightly within other games, but the general principal still applies.
  1. Open the game, and then tap the Options icon. Image
  2. In the Options screen, tap Controller Settings. Image
  3. In the Controller Settings screen, tap On-Screen Controller to remove the green check. Image
  4. Tap the Back/Previous button twice to go back to the main game screen. Image

The on-screen game controls will now be gone and the PS3 controller must be used to navigate within the game. Follow the same steps to re-enable the on-screen game controls, if desired.