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Tips on how to shoot good 3D movies using the Digital Recording Binoculars.

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To record the best possible 3D video using the Digital Recording Binoculars, follow the recommendations below.

  1. Hold the Digital Recording Binoculars in a horizontal position.
  2. Choose an appropriate distance for 3D recording.
    NOTE: It is difficult to record in 3D for subjects that are too close or too far away from the lens. The optimum distance from the Digital Recording Binoculars to the subject for the 3D effect is as follows:
    • Zoom at widest position - Approximately 2 1/2 ft. to 19 ft. (80 cm to 6 m)
    • Zoom at midrange position - Approximately 8 ft. to 32 ft. (2.5 m to 10 m)
    • Zoom at telephoto position - Approximately 24 ft. to 65 ft. (7.5m to 20 m)
  3. Position the subject and background within the frame of the LCD screen.

    NOTE: Shooting 3D is not suitable for subjects that are moving very quickly.

  4. Pan the Digital Recording Binoculars left or right, while confirming the 3D effect displayed on the LCD screen.