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How to install the Help Guide and Media Go™ software.

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The manual and Media Go software are included on the drive of your Android™ powered Z Series Walkman® Mobile Entertainment Player. Follow these steps to run the setup:


  • If Media Go is already installed on your computer, the installer will check for previous installations and install as necessary.
  • If you formatted your Walkman player and no longer have the Setup.exe file on the player, you can download the latest version of the media go software from
  1. Connect the Walkman player to the computer.
  2. The USB storage in use screen will be displayed when the player is ready for data transfer. Image
  3. From the desktop of your computer, click the Start button and then click Computer. Image

    NOTE: Depending on the operating system of your computer, the steps to access My Computer may be slightly different than described.

  4. In the Computer window, double click WALKMAN. Image
  5. In the Computer < WALKMAN window, double-click Setup. Image
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to complete installation.