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How to transfer tracks from the Apple iTunes software to the Walkman player using the Media Go software.

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You can drag and drop tracks directly from the Apple® iTunes® software to your Walkman® player using Media Go™ software. Follow this procedure:


  • Check the list of devices supported for use with the Media Go software.
  • When you first install Media Go software, your existing iTunes software library will be imported into Media Go.
  1. Connect your Walkman player to the computer.
  2. Start the iTunes software.
  3. Start the Media Go software.
  4. With both applications side-by-side, click and then drag the tracks you wish to transfer from the iTunes software directly onto the WALKMAN: Storage Media area in the Media Go software. This will place the tracks directly onto your Walkman player. You could also drag the tracks into the Library section of the Media Go software and then transfer them to your Walkman player at a later time.

    Media Go side-by-side with Apple_iTunes software

    NOTE: The Media Go software will automatically perform SensMe™ analysis on the songs.