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How to transfer Music, Videos, Playlists or Photos with Windows Media® Player.

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To transfer music, videos, playlists or pictures to your Android™ powered Z Series Walkman® Mobile Entertainment Player:

  1. Connect the Walkman player to the computer.
  2. The USB storage in use screen will be displayed when the player is ready for data transfer. Image
  3. Start Windows Media player.
  4. Click the Sync tab.
  5. Your Walkman player should appear in the software like this: Image
  6. Drag and then drop the songs, videos, playlists or pictures that you want to transfer from the library to the Sync list. Image
  7. The content should now be displayed in the sync list. Image
  8. Click the Start sync button. Image
  9. The sync progress will display and the content will be transferred to the Walkman player. Do not disconnect until the process is complete. Image