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How to connect the Reader Digital book to a Wi-Fi network.

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To connect to a wireless access point, do the following:

  1. Stand within range of the wireless access point to which you want to connect.
  2. Press the Home button.
  3. Open the Settings menu. To open the Settings menu, use the appropriate steps for your model:
    • PRS-T1: Tap the right arrow (< ) to go to the second page of the Home menu and then under System, tap Settings.
    • PRS-T2 or PRS-T3: Tap Applications, and then in the Applications menu, tap Settings.
  4. On the Settings menu, tap Wireless Network Settings.
  5. Make sure that there is a check mark in front of Wi-Fi® (Turn on Wi-Fi). It should look like this: Image
  6. Tap Wi-Fi Settings. The Reader Wi-Fi automatically detects available Wi-Fi signals in its proximity and lists them on the screen.
  7. Under Wi-Fi Networks, tap the network you want to connect to.
  8. If an encryption key is not required, your Reader device will connect to the network you selected.
  9. If an encryption key or password is required, you will be prompted to enter it.
  10. Enter the key and then tap OK.

    NOTE: You may find it helpful to tap the Show Password box. Since some passwords are a mixture of upper and lower case letters and numbers this makes it easy for you to check to ensure that you have entered the password correctly.

  11. Your Reader Wi-Fi is now setup and connected. You should now see the following icon indicating you are connected: Image

    NOTE: Once the Wi-Fi network is configured, your Reader™ Digital book will connect to it whenever it is in range. When the Reader device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon appears in the top-right of the Reader screen. The more bars you see on the icon, the stronger the connection.

    IMPORTANT: If after following this procedure you are unable to establish a connection, a different procedure is available for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections .