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The red indicator light on the Bluetooth® wireless headset does not light.

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The red indicator light on your model of Bluetooth headset indicates the power status of the unit. The indicator will light up to reflect that the headset is charging after connecting to a computer. Once the charging is completed, the indicator goes off automatically.

The red indicator will not light under the following circumstances:

  • If the headset is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time, the red indicator may not light up when you connect the USB cable. Do not disconnect the USB cable. Wait a few minutes until the indicator lights up.
  • If the USB cable is not properly and directly connected between the headset and computer or if using a USB hub.
  • If the computer is not turned on, in standby mode or enters into hibernation or sleep mode while the headset is connected, the red indicator light will go off automatically and charging will not be completed. Changing the power-saving settings on the computer to resume full operation of the computer will prevent the charge from being interrupted.
  • If the USB port of the computer is not working. Try connecting the cable to a different port if available.
  • If you are charging through a Walkman® player and it is not connected along with the Micro USB cable and charge cable, the unit will not charge.