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What is the Triple Dial Control (aka Tri-Navi) function and how is it used?

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The Tri-Navi function is a user interface that provides quick, easy access to shooting adjustments displayed on the LCD screen. It eliminates the need to navigate through numerous menu options. You can customize the two dials on the top of the camera and the rear control wheel for the settings you use the most often.

  1. Turn on the camera.
  2. Press the center of the control wheel.
  3. Turn the control wheel to select the P, A, S, or M mode.
  4. Press the Navigation button.
  5. Turn the left control dial to select the desired setting.
  6. Turn the right control dial to select the desired setting.
  7. Turn the control wheel to select the desired setting.

IMPORTANT: You can lock the settings selected for the control dials and control wheel to prevent accidental changes by pressing and holding the Navigation button for approximately 3 seconds. To unlock the settings, press and hold the Navigation button again.

Default Tri-Navi Settings:

Shooting Mode Left Dial Right Dial Rear Control Wheel
iAuto None None None
Program AutoProgram Shift Exposure Compensation ISO
Aperture PriorityAperture Value Exposure Compensation ISO
Shutter PriorityShutter Speed Exposure Compensation ISO
ManualShutter Speed Aperture Value ISO
3D Sweep Panorama Right/Left direction Exposure Compensation Right/Left direction
2D Sweep Panorama Right/Left-Up/Down direction Exposure Compensation Right/Left-Up/Down direction
Anti Motion Blur NoneExposure Compensation None


  • The Tri-Navi function has four memories.
  • The Picture Effects option is not in the default. It has to be selected in the Function Setting option in the Setup menu. When selected, the Picture Effect option defaults to the left control dial. To assign it to the right dial you must assign Custom to the Function Memory and then select Picture Effect from the Custom Menu option.