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The audio speaker cannot be found from an Apple device.

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To ensure that the Airplay® wireless technology icon or unit name appears on your Apple® iPad®, Apple iPhone® mobile digital device or Apple iPod® touch portable player, check the following:

  • Make sure the LINK indicator lights up green or amber.
  • Check that the audio speaker and the Apple device or Macintosh® computer or PC are connected to the same network.
  • Update the software version of the audio speaker to the latest version.
  • Check that the Apple device or iTunes has the latest software version.
  • If problem persists, reboot the Apple device or iTunes.
  • Turn off any firewall settings or security software installed on your Mac or PC.

    NOTE: For instructions on disabling the firewall or any security software on your Mac or PC, contact the manufacturer.

  • If you use the audio speaker in a network environment without a router, it may take about a minute for the audio speaker to obtain its IP address after you turn on the power.
  • The IP address may be in use by another device when you use a fixed IP address. Use a different IP address in this case.