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Why are some Apps available on my Android operating system phone (or other device) but not available on my Sony Internet TV device?

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Google Play™ store (formerly known as the Market) filters, or restricts, an application based on the hardware and software configuration, the location, and other characteristics of the device you are connecting. It then compares those device characteristics against the restrictions and dependencies expressed by the publishing details of a particular application. This is designed to prevent an application that may not be compatible with your device from being installed.

If the application is compatible with the device according to the various filter rules, Google Play will display the application. If the application is not compatible, Google Play hides the application from search results and category browsing, even if you specifically search for it or click a link that points directly to the application within Google Play.

If an application can be downloaded from the Google Play store but does not work as expected, you may need to contact the developer of that app for assistance.

To find contact information for an app’s developer:

  1. Find the app on Google Play store either on the Sony Internet TV device or on the web (
  2. Select the specific app in question to get to the app’s details page.
  3. On the bottom of the app’s description, you'll find contact information for the developer - either an email address, website or phone number.