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Will I need to update the applications on my tablet when I install the Android version 4 update?

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Though most applications will work fine, to ensure an application will perform correctly after updating the tablet to the Android version 4 operating system, it is recommended that you perform an update on any installed applications that indicates an update is available.


  • If you have applications that were installed from a location other than the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Market), you will need to revisit those locations to check for any available application updates.
  • While it is not likely, it is possible that some third-party applications will not function in the Android version 4 operating system as they did in previous versions. If this is the case, you will need to contact the application designer for information specific to that application.
  • All applications that came pre-installed on your Sony Tablet will upgrade automatically when you perform the Android version 4 operating system update.
  • There are many new features specific to the Android version 4.0 (or later) operating system that will not be available on Tablets that have not been updated to Android version 4.0 (or later).
  • Perform a system update to upgrade your tablet to the latest version of the Android operating system.
  • The Dual-Screen Tablet P (SGPT211USS) is currently only available for sale in the United States.