Article ID : 00019266 / Last Modified : 11/01/2018

How to import photos from the camera to an Apple® Macintosh® computer using the Adobe Photoshop CS6 software.

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  1. Connect the camera directly to the USB port on the computer.

    NOTE: If the iPhoto® software automatically starts, close it.

  2. Open the Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 software from the Dock or on the Finder Bar, choose Go and then Applications. Photoshop will be listed as an icon in the Applications window.
  3. In the Import Images from Device window, view your photos.
  4. Download all the pictures by clicking the Download All button or just select the ones you want and then choose the Download button.

    NOTE: If you have any problems importing RAW images (.ARW), you will need to get the latest plug-in for your Photoshop software from the Adobe website.