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The remote control does not pair with the Internet TV media box.

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Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

IMPORTANT: Before starting this procedure, the Internet TV media box should connected to the TV. The TV should then be set to the appropriate HDMI® input to receive the signal from the media box.

  1. Make sure fresh batteries are installed in the remote control.
  2. Make sure the batteries in the remote control are positioned in the proper positive (+) and negative (-) polarity.
  3. Make sure the Internet TV media box is turned on.


    • A Pairing screen displays on the TV at the beginning of the setup procedure that demonstrates how to pair the remote control with the Internet TV media box.
    • If the Pairing screen does not display, use a ball-point pen to press the CONNECT button on the bottom of the media box.
  4. Press and hold the Fn button.
  5. While holding the Fn button, press and hold the ENTER button until the pairing screen goes away.

    NOTE:  The pairing process typically only takes 3-10 seconds, but sometimes can take up to 15 seconds.

  6. Release the Fn and ENTER buttons.
  7. If pairing does not succeed, unplug the power cord from the Internet TV device for approximately 30 seconds.
  8. After 30 seconds, plug the power cord back into the media box.
  9. Repeat steps 3-6.