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A USB Hard Drive connected to the Network Media Player does not work or is not detected.

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The maximum current that the media player outputs via USB is 500mA. Some USB devices draw power that exceeds 500mA and will not work properly when connected to your Network Media Player. Check the specifications of your device for more information.

If your USB device exceeds maximum current you can attempt to use:

  • A Powered USB Hub to supply the appropriate power requirements.
  • A Y-shaped USB Adapter with two male connectors to connect to two USB ports.

Here are some other possible solutions:

  • Use a USB device that does not exceed 500mA of maximum current draw.
  • Use a USB device that utilizes an external power supply.
  • Use a USB device that uses a Y-shaped cable that has two USB connectors (one for power+data, the other for power only); this will require utilizing two USB ports for normal operation.

NOTE: Sony cannot guarantee compatibility with all third-party USB devices.