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How to move, rename or delete files on the Micro SD card.

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The tablet uses the Micro SD card to store music, video and pictures files. Because of this, it does not have a File Manager application to allow files to be moved, renamed or deleted.

If the Micro SD card becomes full, however, some applications may begin to misbehave or not function properly. In this case you may wish to move or delete files from the card. There are two different methods to allow you to move or delete files from the Micro SD card that will allow you to avoid problems with applications.

Use a computer to manage the files on the Micro SD card:

NOTE:  The tablet has a USB Micro A/B port. This means that a Micro A/B USB cable (sold separately) will be needed in order to connect to a computer. Image

  1. Using an appropriate USB cable, connect the tablet to the computer.
  2. On the computer, in the AutoPlay window, click to select the Open device to view files option.

    NOTE:  If the AutoPlay window does not appear, to manually access the device click the Start button, click Computer, and then double-click the Sony Tablet P icon.

  3. The computer will now display the Micro SD card as a mass storage device and you will be able to erase, move or rename the files on the card.

If the use of a computer is not an available option, there are several third-party file manager applications available from the Google Play Store that can be downloaded and installed on the tablet to allow you to erase, move or rename files on the Micro SD card.

IMPORTANT: You should look for a file manager application which will support external memory file management.