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How to upgrade or update the firmware on the Reader Digital Book.

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You can upgrade the firmware of your Reader device directly on the Reader itself or through the Reader software.

From the Reader:

NOTE: You must have an active Wi-Fi® connection. If you do not or are not able to connect, follow the steps for how to update using the Reader software.

  1. With your Reader device turned on, tap Applications.
  2. In the Applications menu, tap Settings.
  3. In the Settings menu, tap System Management.
  4. In the System Management menu, tap Check for Updates.

From the Reader for PC or Mac software:

  1. Plug your Reader device into the computer using the supplied USB cable.
  2. On the Reader, touch Yes to allow your computer to recognize the Reader.
  3. Start the Reader for PC or Reader for Mac® software.
  4. Click Help, then click Check for Updates.
  5. Click the box to place a check mark next to I agree to the above.
  6. Click Update now.
  7. In the Updater window, select the appropriate language.
  8. Review the License Agreement, click to put a check in the box and then click OK.
  9. Click Update.

    NOTE: The reader will go in to Device Shutdown. This is normal. Do not disconnect it from the computer.

  10. When the Update complete message is displayed, disconnect the reader from the computer.