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How to transfer music, picture or video files from a computer to the tablet using a USB cable.

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  1. Disconnect the USB adaptor end of the AC Adaptor cable from the AC Adaptor plug.
  2. Connect the USB adaptor end of the AC Adaptor cable into a USB port on computer, and the Multiport end of the cable into the tablet.
  3. On the computer, in the AutoPlay window, click to select the Open device to view files option. Image

    NOTE:  If the AutoPlay window does not appear, to manually access the device click the Start button, click Computer, and then double-click the SGPT12 icon. Image

  4. In the SGPT12 window, double-click the Internal Storage icon. Image


    • If after double-clicking the Internal Storage icon the folders do not appear, the tablet is locked. Unlock the tablet to view the folders. Folders will not appear if the tablet is locked.
    • You will now have access to the following folders on the tablet: Image
  5. You can now copy the desired contents from the computer to the appropriate location within the tablet folder structure using any of the following methods:
    • Drag and Drop
    • Copy and Paste
    • Cut and Paste