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How to setup and play content from my Android device using the Network Audio Remote application.

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Make sure the following has been done prior to following the steps in this solution:

  • The HomeShare Network Speaker system is currently connected an active Internet connection.
  • The latest system software (firmware update) has been installed.
  1. Download the Network Audio Remote application (app) from the Google Play™ store app.
  2. Once the download is completed, make sure that the Android device is connected to the same active Internet connection as the HomeShare Network Speaker system.
  3. From the app menu of the Android™ device, select the Network Audio Remote app.
  4. Under the Source Tab, select the Home Share Speaker system.
  5. Select Music Services or the Player tab.
  6. Select the desired music service or select the desired file from the list.

    NOTE: Depending on the Internet service you select it may require membership or registration.