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How to connect and use the Docking Stand.

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Follow these steps to connect the Docking Stand (Model SGPDS3 - Sold Separately).

  1. Push down the Docking Stand Plug. Image
  2. Align the notch on the back of the tablet with the top part of the Docking Stand. Image
  3. Push the Docking Stand Plug up to lock it in place. Image

The tablet device is now mounted on the Docking Stand.


  • Once mounted on the Docking Stand, the tablet can be rotated to either the Portrait or Landscape view. Image
  • You can connect to the Docking Stand with the Power Cord to charge the tablet, an HDMI Connector or up to 3 USB connectors for additional devices. Image

Follow these steps to remove the tablet from the Docking Stand.

  1. Push down to unlock the Docking Stand Plug. Image
  2. Lift the tablet upward to remove it from the Docking Stand. Image