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How to connect and use the keyboard cover.

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Follow these steps to connect the keyboard cover (Model SGPSK1 - Sold Separately).

  1. Align the hooks of the keyboard cover with both ends of the back side of the tablet and slide the it in the direction of the arrows. Image
  2. Continue to slide the tablet until it is completely in place. Image


    • There will be a slight click as the keyboard cover connector properly snaps into place.
    • You can connect the supplied to the DC jack of the keyboard cover to charge the tablet while it is connected. Image
  3. Set the bottom of the tablet against the raised line above the keyboard so it is in the upright position.Image

IMPORTANT: The keyboard is designed to function with the tablet in the upright position. If the tablet is lying flat or not in the upright position, the keyboard will not function correctly.

You are now ready to use the keyboard.


  • Press the Fn and Enter keys at the same time to turn the keyboard on or off.
  • The supplied is exclusively for charging and cannot be used to transfer data.
  • Operation is not guaranteed if the supplied is connected to a USB adaptor other than the one that was supplied with the tablet.